What Others Say

“Before I came for my coaching, I was struggling to balance my work and personal life. I was very frustrated and anxious and that also led to some panic attacks. I was at the peak of my stress level and I wanted to find some help for myself to improve my mental wellness. I also tried many methods to help cope better; books, videos, and other options which I know is unhealthy but it doesn’t help me to better manage my emotions and thoughts.

During coaching, I was led to a step by step framework by Kelly, it was very detailed and it was also very personalized towards my situation. I found it very effective and it also helped me to uncover my blind spots. I can feel the calmness within now, not so tense up, and I know that I am on the right track. I am more peaceful now and can manage my stress better. There is also a decrease in my negative thoughts and I felt that I am more in control of them now.

Kelly is really experienced, patient, and detailed in her coaching process, and whatever questions she asked me is very intentional to guide me to the right path. I like to learn from books, but I also realised that what books give are just pointers, and having the right coach to help you is important to resolve your challenges as soon as you can”.

Bryan Heng | Technical Consultant

I was looking for a breakthrough in my personal and professional life. I understood that having a coach can guide and empower me to achieve the results that I want. Kelly gave off a strong vibe of passion, capability and trustworthiness. I knew that she is someone I will love to work with.

Through the sessions, I am able to identify what truly makes me fulfilled and happy. I become more productive and motivated as I am able to tightly align what I do with the fulfilment I can achieve. I develop more self-awareness and understand my thought process clearly- what make me think and act a certain way.

Kelly is an amazing coach to work with! She is very effective in her coaching process and is able to identify your mental blocks accurately. With that, she will be able to design powerful solutions for you to overcome those blocks and achieve breakthroughs.

Thomas Chen | International Coach, Speaker, Wealth Advisor

I knew Kelly through the webinar she had and her presentation was great and gave me a lot of insights. Kelly is very helpful and she is good at shifting your mind sets by asking right questions. Also she is willing to share her experiences and knowledge. Kelly guided me patiently by asking questions to change my stubborn belief. Throughout the sessions, I learned useful questions I can ask myself.

Hara Hiromi | Director, Training Company

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kelly for the time and professional therapy sessions I had with her. Through the virtual sessions, I notice that Kelly is very attentive and observant. Kelly has helped me a lot, very grateful to her! She is very sharp as to figure out what is my problem and lead me to find my answer resulting in working out an action plan. With the help of Kelly, I have a clearer mind to achieve my goal now.

Thank you so much Kelly!

Geraldine Ho

I would like to thank Kelly who is a brilliant coach.

My coaching sessions with her taught me a lot and have really helped me improve parts of my life I was struggling with.

Since working with Kelly my relationships have improved and my business is now getting back on track after a really tough period.

I would highly recommend Kelly, she has really good and varied knowledge and she taught me techniques to help my situation that I’ll continue to use.

Matthew Khan| Digital Services Owner

Before coaching, I was a positive minded person. Lately, I was at a lost and feeling so lousy about myself after few bad and sad event happened. No matter how much I tried to resolve my self-doubt and unhappiness, I could not do it.

I picked up methodology shared by my life coach and put in practice. It worked! I am able to refer to what was shared with me during coaching sessions and place my situation I am facing into perspective. It cannot resolve the mental issue immediately, but it does relieve my mental stress. I can pick myself up and continue with I am doing and didn’t feel stressed out.

Florence Seah

Before the session, I felt guilty and inadequate. I want to be more responsible and want to know what more can I do, I was uncomfortable with managing a people problem. During the session, I felt at ease to share and able to engage and trust Kelly quickly. Kelly was able to nail down the issues quickly, she was smiling all the times during the session, I felt guided to the right track. To form a vision of a positive and winning scene of me was very helpful. After the session, I felt that I am able to be in control and able to take away with many key focus on how I should be feeling and what should I do. Thanks for guiding me.

B.P, Team Lead in Technology Communications Company

I am grateful for my journey with Kelly over the last 10 weeks and appreciate her support in helping me get over the current challenges as we deal with circuit breaker and change in life as we know it. What I admire about her is her ability to truly listen and help tease out insights and strength from within. Her ability to connect the dots and gentle nudges towards solution orientation have been immensely positive.

A very young and a very wise counsellor is what I call her and am truly happy to be walking on this journey with her. Thank you for the fortitude.

S.S| Human Resources, Technology company

Before coaching, I had been feeling down for past weeks and recently lost my appetite for lunch. Everyday wake up with a heavy & depressing mindset, not knowing how I should go about if I need to conquer the “enemy”. After coaching, I felt more light hearted and relaxed after being able to share complete story of what I had encountered and felt for past weeks. It is important of having somebody to talk to and not bottling up all the stress that I had. With all the ask/think/answer, it has help to bring me to the what/how I need to face in terms of the stress I’m have.

P. L | Leader in Technology Company

“Kelly's calm persona puts me at ease, we are able to quickly build rapport and dive into conversation. She holds space for me to discuss what is top of my mind. She listens, observes, and reflects what may lie beneath the surface. Her questions are thoughtful, challenging me to go delve deeper into my thoughts. Most importantly, she drives me to take action towards my goal, and commit to it!”

Shermin Ho

I am very happy to have the coaching and counselling session with Kelly. Before the session, I wasn't able to acknowledge my situation and where I was really at. After the sessions, it helped to lighten the load that I was carrying without me even realizing it. It better shaped me up to move forward to my next stage in life and be ready for my next chapter. Kelly was able to peel off my layers of the onion and help me to internalize my internal conversations.

I was trying to do it alone but with coaching and help from Kelly, I realised that I was able to get to what I want faster".

Seah Teck Tiong | Manager