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For a better you, a better workplace

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Welcome to Wellbeing Inside out

Wellbeing Inside Out helps organizations create environments that are more psychologically safe and supportive for everyone, where there is less stress, fewer burnouts, and higher levels of engagement. We believe that wellbeing is not just about working harder and longer; it’s about feeling good.

At Wellbeing Inside Out, we believe that by focusing on people first we can help make workplaces better places where everyone feels valued, supported, and empowered to reach their potential – achieving sustainable business outcomes as well as individual wellbeing. Our mission is to transform the culture of the organization and well-being by starting with a person-centered approach

What we do

At Wellbeing Inside Out, we believe in coming up with holistic wellbeing programmes that help your employees maintain the best health and well-being so that they can thrive personally and professionally. We want to create a culture where people can thrive at work and also live well. Our 5 pillars of wellbeing programmes are specially designed to help create a positive employee experience in their journey in the company, from hiring to departing.

Why we do it

We believe we can’t just tackle symptoms but true change starts from the inside out. To tackle issues such as employee engagement, talent retention, there is a need to focus on the employee’s wellbeing.

Employee’s wellbeing is a priority for every organization. A company with happy employees will be effective and will achieve better business outcomes. Our approach is person-centered because it starts at the level of people rather than policies, procedures, or programs.

We are passionate about creating a culture of wellbeing inside out. We believe that if we start with the person, then organizations will see positive change in their employees and its business outcomes.

Our Signature Programme

to address your wellbeing needs


Strengths Culture


Positive Emotions


Positive Leadership


Positive Dialogues


Mental Health Awareness & Support


What Others Say

"Engaged Kelly for a lunch talk in 2019. Kelly is a professional speaker who was able to create interaction and interest during the talk. The planning process prior to the talk was interesting as Kelly takes pride to customize the session accordingly to the demographics of the company".
Charlene, HR Business Partner
Textile Industry
"I was looking for a breakthrough in my personal and professional life. I understood that having a coach can guide and empower me to achieve the results that I want. Kelly gave off a strong vibe of passion, capability, and trustworthiness. I knew that she is someone I will love to work with. Through the sessions, I am able to identify what truly makes me fulfilled and happy. I become more productive and motivated as I am able to tightly align what I do with the fulfilment I can achieve. I develop more self-awareness and understand my thought process clearly- what make me think and act a certain way".
Thomas Chen
International Coach, Speaker, Wealth Advisor
"I knew Kelly through the webinar she had and her presentation was great and gave me a lot of insights. Kelly is very helpful and she is good at shifting your mindsets by asking the right questions. Also, she is willing to share her experiences and knowledge. Kelly guided me patiently by asking questions to change my stubborn belief. Throughout the sessions, I learned useful questions I can ask myself".
Hara Hiromi
Director of Training Company